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Carpet Cleaning In Exeter Testimonials

Exeter Carpet Cleaning Testimonials


Mrs Reynold - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
In April 2018 we were considering buying new carpets but after speaking to Wipe Away Clean they advised us to get them cleaned instead and in turn saving us a small fortune. We were amazed with the finished carpet cleaning results, even removing a stubborn coffee stain. Thank you again Wipe Away Clean, a great job by a local professional carpet cleaning business.

Miss Młynarczyk - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
We had our carpets cleaned by Wipe Away Clean today. A FAB service and great guys, the carpets look great. Very happy with the service. Thank you Sirs.

Mrs Joyce - Carpet cleaning – Topsham
My pet dogs encountered some problems with a few flees and so the bungalow carpets needed treatment. We had some very helpful and free professional advice from Wipe Away Clean carpet cleaners who eventually resolved the issue and made our carpets fresh and clean also free from flees. Both my son and daughter have since used the same company to clean their carpets over the weekend too which was an even bigger bonus as they both work full time.

Mr & Mrs Lewin - Carpet cleaning – Cranbrook
Our end of tenancy stipulated oven and carpet cleaning. We used an Exeter based oven and carpet cleaning company who did a fabulous job. We could nowhere near achieve the same level of cleanliness if we tried it ourselves. One particular stain of concern was from our 12 month old baby daughter when she was sick but the guys managed to remove all traces and residue. We are extremely grateful and more than happy to recommend Wipe Away Clean for oven and carpet cleaning services in Exeter.

OfficeCommercial carpet cleaning – Exeter
We required our main office carpet cleaned after some unsightly heavy footfall areas and wanted to use a local professional carpet cleaner. After approaching several cleaning businesses we decided to try Wipe Away Clean. Their carpet cleaning was methodical and precise and very pleased with the cleaning results so now use them on a regular basis.

Mr ClatworthyDomestic carpet cleaning – Topsham
My end of tenancy stated my carpets had to be cleaned professionally and was recommended by the letting agent to try Wipe Away Clean. They were reasonably priced and did exactly what I asked them to do including implementing flea treatment to the carpet to compensate for my pet dog as the agent insisted this had to be carried out. I have no problem endorsing this fabulous carpet cleaning company.

Pub - Commercial cleaning – Exeter
After much wear and tear over a 10 year period my pub desperately needed a carpet clean. Wipe Away Clean managed to remove the beer stains, food stickiness and even fragments of chewing gum. The end result was a smooth non greasy clean carpet with a fresh clean smell which was noticed by all my regulars. Thanks Wipe Away!

Mr Bonheur - Carpet cleaning – Exmouth
My tenants had left my house in a dreadful state and part of the cleaning required was the carpets. Found Wipe Away Clean on Google, they did exactly what I wanted them to do and cleaned the carpets to a very high standard.

Office - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
Our usual carpet cleaner let us down and we needed someone urgently. Wipe Away Clean saved the day and even cleaned over the weekend so not to disrupt our busy office. The carpets came up great and the fresh smell produced was fantastic. See you again soon guys!

Student Accommodation - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
Our criteria was a professional, punctual and a high quality local carpet cleaning company to help with our student accommodation. Wipe Away Clean satisfied all our strict requirements for professional carpet cleaning.

Mrs Cavan - Carpet cleaning – Cullompton
We needed our carpets cleaned due to an end of tenancy contract which stipulated our carpets to be cleaned once our rental period had finished. Wipe Away Clean were very professional and cleaned the carpets to a very high standard.

Mr & Mrs Stern - Carpet cleaning – Exmouth
We are very happy to provide a testimonial for Wipe Away Clean after their excellent carpet cleaning work they carried out in our three bedroom flat. They even successfully removed our daughter’s makeup she spilt. Well done to the operatives at Wipe Away Clean, until next year.

Mrs Luis - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
Our student house needed all the carpets cleaned in order to get our deposit back. Wipe Away Clean did a brilliant job and our landlord was happy enough to pay back the deposit.

Mrs Allan - Carpet cleaning – Crediton
Heavy use on the carpets from children and pet dogs meant our wool carpets were in a desperate need of a good clean. Wipe Away Clean were great, even moving the furniture. More than happy to provide a very positive testimonial.

Mr & Mrs Boyne - Carpet cleaning – Exminster
I am very proud to endorse Wipe Away Clean’s carpet cleaning. Very polite, smart and helpful while the cleaning results were quite exceptional. Saved me a small fortune not buying a new carpet, very thankful.

Restaurant - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
Being a manager of a busy restaurant we desperately needed a freshen up of our restaurant carpets which were dirty from food and drink stains. The transformation was amazing all thanks to Wipe Away Clean.

Miss Chow - Carpet cleaning – Exmouth
Having heard comments from family and friends about other carpet cleaners in Exeter like kccarpets, servicemaster and martins amongst others, all of which non complimentary thought we would try Wipe Away Clean. I showed my same friends and family the cleaning results, much to their great surprise. Think I have gave some more work to the Wipe Away Clean team. From a very happy customer.

Mrs Izzard - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
My three rugs over the years had discoloured and started to look and smell tatty. Wipe Away Clean managed to bring them all back to life and integrate a lovely smell. From a very happy customer.

Mr Emery - Carpet cleaning – Exmouth
Having young children our carpets were looking and smelling disgusting after a hectic Christmas we decided to get them cleaned. We used the professionals who really managed to make them look new again. We also used them because of their biodegradable cleaning chemicals as my wife is asthmatic and sensitive to certain chemicals. The results were fantastic and have recommended Wipe Away Clean to all our friends and family.

Office cleaning - Carpet cleaning – Exminster
Our office carpets had acquired various water stains and started to smell therefor needed a Spring clean. Within the same day Wipe Away Clean came round and quoted. Their professional advice and competency was very noticeable and the cleaning results excellent. We now use them on a regular basis, a great Exeter based carpet cleaning company for sure.

Care Home - Carpet cleaning – Credition
Been thinking about sprucing up our carpets for a long time and with Christmas approaching decided to acquire some quotes. We chose Wipe Away Clean because they seemed professional not necessarily the cheapest but knew what they were doing. I rung one of their customers for a testimonial and they had no hesitation recommending using them. Our carpets have now come to life with a very pleasant deodiriser smell, clean and fresh.

Mrs Sparks - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
After researching on the internet I came across Wipe Away Clean. They were very friendly and prompt with a quote. I decided to use them as they seemed to know what they were doing and competitively priced. After years of dirty abuse to my lounge and dining room carpets by my children, pet dogs and cats they needed a thorough good clean. There were also various bad stains and pet hair but to my astonishment they were all removed. The carpets dried out within a few hours and Wipe Away Clean even cleaned my rug for FREE. My carpets now look and smell so fresh and new.

Letting Agency - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
One of clients recommended Wipe Away Clean for our cooker and carpet cleaning as our current suppliers were unreliable. We haven’t looked back since, very professional and a good eye for detail. We would have no hesitation in recommending this great oven and carpet cleaning company to anyone else.

Mr & Mrs Banks - Carpet cleaning – Exmouth
My tenant contract required we professionally carpet clean our 3 bedroom house before moving out. The only convenient time was over the weekend and Wipe Away Clean were happy to help and clean over the weekend at no extra cost. They did a brilliant cleaning job even moving heavy furniture and putting it back in the same place. There was one bad stain left by coffee which they managed to clean and remove. I will certainly be using Wipe Away Clean again in the future.

Mr Arkwood - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
We bought a house and the carpets looked and smelt quite bad. It would cost her too much money to buy new carpets so we used Wipe Away Clean services. They did a great job, now look and smell like new carpets.

Mr & Mrs Mabe - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
Moved into my house and had my carpets cleaned (thought I would have had to throw them away) but they cleaned like new and smelt fresh and clean thanks to Wipe Away Clean team.

Offices - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
We run a number of private offices and when each client vacates we use Wipe Away Clean services for carpet cleaning. They always do a great cleaning job leaving a lovely fresh smell.
Wipe Away Clean are probably the best carpet cleaners in Exeter.

Mr & Mrs Alexander - Carpet cleaning – Broadclyst
Been professionally cleaning my carpets and upholstery for many years and able to leave Wipe Away Clean to get on with the job as they are a completely trustworthy and reliable company who always give good results - lovely to come home and find everything so clean and smelling so fresh, absolutely lovely. I am always singing their praises, the results are stunning.

Pub - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
We were recommended to use Wipe Away Clean because they did a great cleaning job for a friend’s restaurant. Absolutely brilliant carpet cleaning job, we will use them again in 6 months’ time.

Mrs Arscott - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
Having three young children, two dogs and three cats have taken its toll on her carpets. Wipe Away Clean were very professional and even moved our furniture. I have no hesitation in recommending this great carpet cleaning company.

Miss Polaski - Carpet cleaning – Exeter
Saw an offer on Wipe Away Clean Twitter account, saved some money and the standard of cleaning for my carpets was exceptional. They even removed some make up stains which I have been trying to remove for years.

Mrs Perry - Carpet cleaning – Exmouth
Carpets came up great after Wipe Away Clean gave them a once over, they smell so fresh and clean, superb job.

Mr & Mrs Ching - Carpet cleaning – Clyst St George Exeter
Our Carpets required a good clean because we wanted to sell the house so needed to make a good impression. In fact we had a few a few comments about the fresh smell. Perhaps it’s a coincidence but the fifth person who viewed our house made an offer. Money well spent and think Wipe Away Clean are marvellous, hope they can visit us in Wales once the sale goes through.

Miss Bushere - Carpet cleaning – Exwick Exeter
Been meaning to clean my carpets for ages and funny enough saw a Wipe Away Clean van in my area. Rang them and they managed to come round the following day. Quick, efficient and the results were superb. They even cleaned my rug for free as a goodwill gesture. Thanks guys!

Miss Steenson - Oven & Carpet cleaning - Exeter
Wipe Away Clean provided a one stop shop service for my oven and carpet cleaning needs. The results were truly amazing, carpets smelt so clean and my oven blemish free, I could actually see through my oven door. I was also reassured that their cleaning chemicals are child and pet friendly. I have previously used various Oven and Carpet cleaning companies but Wipe Away Clean are certainly the best in cost and service provided that I know.

Mr & Mrs Bishop - Carpet Cleaning – Exeter
We saw Wipe Away Clean van around our estate and been thinking about having our carpets cleaned for some time. We shopped around and found we saved over £250, the results were amazing.

Mr Andrews - Carpet Cleaning - Kennford
My six cats had made my carpets incredibly dirty and I could not remove some of the stains or odour. Wipe Away Clean not only removed the stains but made them fresh smelling again, like a having news carpets, extremely happy!

Mr Broscelli – Oven Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning - Exeter
I have used other separate cleaning companies but found Wipe Away Clean does both Oven and Carpet cleaning, so no separate invoices. I was very impressed how clean and safe their cleaning products are. Without any hesitation would recommend this professional oven and carpet cleaning company to anyone. Their tag line is very apt; they certainly do love the jobs I hate!

Mrs Radford - Carpet Cleaning - Exeter
We received a leaflet through the door and decided to give Wipe Away Clean a try to clean my carpet – I’m really pleased I did. Their operative who came was very professional and friendly and did a fantastic job! I’ve just booked for them to come and clean my oven.

Miss Harper - Carpet Cleaning - Exeter
Dear Wipe Away Clean, I would like to say thank you for cleaning my carpet. It's always quite daunting these days letting people into our homes, but having introduced yourself and showed your ID you were friendly which made me feel at ease. Not only did you do an excellent job on all my carpets, which as I confessed to you had been shamefully neglected due to my dogs and cats, they now look brand new! My sister and her friend should be contacting you soon as they were also very impressed.

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