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Carpet Cleaning In Torquay Testimonials

Torquay Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

Mr Lean - Carpet cleaning – Paignton
Our end of tenancy agreement required all our carpets had to be professionally cleaned. I was recommended by our letting agent to use Wipe Away Clean who came up trumps and did a very professional carpet clean even when we had lots of snow in March. Therefore, I can honestly recommend Wipe Away Clean for carpet cleaning in the Torbay area.

Mrs Powe - Carpet cleaning – Paignton
Our elderly cat encountered a few toilet accidents and so we required some stains to be cleaned.
We tried a great local professional carpet cleaning company who managed to remove the offending stains successfully. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Wipe Away Clean for carpet cleaning in the Torbay area.

Mr & Mrs Capadose - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
We had just moved into our new house and realised all the carpets required a freshen up. Had a few quotes but decided to use Wipe Away Clean because they seem to know what they were talking about, offered excellent advice and could clean the carpets over the weekend. They didn’t let us down and very pleased with the carpet cleaning results.

Mrs Prudham - Carpet cleaning – Totnes
In order to vacate our property and redeem our deposit the lease tenancy agreement stated the carpets had to be professionally cleaned. We had a dog and the agent insisted on also having flee treatment implemented within the carpet cleaning process even though our pet dog was flee free.
We managed to find and use a great carpet cleaning company called Wipe Away Clean who did exactly what was required and also removed ingrained dog hair with their powerful carpet cleaning machine. Very impressed and pleased with the results helping receive our deposit.

Retail shop office – Commercial carpet cleaning – Torquay
An unsightly water mark left by our water cooler was a good opportunity to make an insurance claim and enable us to carpet clean all our office carpets. We used a local company through a recommendation called Wipe Away Clean. They did the cleaning work out of hours and removed all trace of the water mark. We certainly know who to use next time if we require professional carpet cleaning.

B&B – Commercial carpet cleaning – Paignton
After a busy long season it was time for a spring clean to our carpets in our small B&B.
I made some enquiries and came across a great cleaning company called Wipe Away Clean. Their professionalism became apparent, helping move the furniture and their cleaning was of the highest standard.

Mr & Mrs Robinson – Domestic carpet cleaning – Brixham
Our landlord requested the carpets to be cleaned in our 2 bedroom flat as he would pay the cost. We organised Wipe Away Clean because we liked their website which was very informative and armed us with all the carpet cleaning information we required. We saw other cleaning companies but they seem to be jack of all trades master of none which put us off. The deciding factor was that Wipe Away assured us that they could remove some red wine stains and they were true to their word. I have also added my testimonial to their Facebook page.

Mrs Carder - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
We had used Wipe Away for an oven clean and knew they were good so tried their services for a carpet clean as we had just finished decorating our three bedrooms. They came up like new and the fresh clean smell was great. We are more than happy to endorse this wonderful oven and carpet cleaning business for the Torbay area.

B&B - Carpet cleaning – Brixham
Being prepared for the new holiday season required all our rooms having a spring clean including the carpets. Wipe Away Clean came to the rescue and it was truly a job well done cleaning all our carpets.

Office - Carpet cleaning – Totnes
After seeing a flyer promotion we decided to have our carpets professionally cleaned. We used another company a few years back but the cleaning work carried out by Wipe Away Clean was superior, more thorough and professional. Thank you for a great job guys and giving us clean office carpets.

Mrs Sonet - Carpet cleaning – Dartmouth
In order to complete the cleaning of our holiday flat we required all the carpets to be steam cleaned. We approached a number of carpet cleaning companies but chose Wipe Away Clean because they answered our call quickly and gave good professional advice also offering a deal to also clean the oven within the price.

Mr Abdul - Carpet cleaning – Paignton
Our restaurant carpet had various unsightly food stains which we had difficulty removing. One of my regular customers recommended Wipe Away Clean for carpet cleaning. The cleaning results were fantastic and received many compliments.

Mrs O’Shea - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
We used Wipe Away Clean for our oven cleaning and so decided to use them for carpet cleaning, same results; a good thorough professional clean.

Miss Sutton - Carpet cleaning – Stoke Gabriel Torbay
Our new house was perfect except the carpets had a musty pet smell so we called in the experts to freshen them up. We now have a visible carpet pile with a lovely scent. Thank you to the kind men from Wipe Away you did a great job.

Holiday flats - Carpet cleaning – Brixham
An essential requirement in preparation for our new holiday season was having all our holiday flat carpets cleaned. Wipe Away Clean did a fantastic job, they were punctual, polite, tidy and very professional.

Office - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
We required our directors meeting room carpet cleaned and we decided to use Wipe Away Clean. The once dull carpet came to life with vibrant colours like a new carpet. Many complimentary comments about the fresh clean smell.

Mr Andrews - Carpet cleaning – Totnes
My carpets were in a terrible state after years of abuse by the kids and family dogs so used Wipe Away Clean who did an amazing job. The transformation is amazing. Cheers guys!

Mr & Mrs Hansen - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
We used Wipe Away Clean a few months back and so impressed with our oven clean we decided to use them to clean our lounge carpet for our annual Spring clean. The same results, very clean, like a new carpet, they even cleaned our rug free of charge. They showed us the colour of the water afterwards using their impressive expensive cleaning machine and it was black!

Mrs Dalglish – Carpet cleaning – Paignton
Being old limits my movement and my neglected carpet was starting to show its age. A polite young man kindly moved my furniture. He did a wonderful job and my carpet now looks and smells so fresh. There was a small coffee stain which he managed to remove completely. Thank you so much.

Pub cleaning - Carpet cleaning – Brixham
We have had many functions over Christmas in our busy pub and the carpet was in a right mess. The lads from Wipe Away Clean came in and done a fantastic cleaning job. They worked hard especially the pre spray and brushing. Great job by a great company.

Office cleaning - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
Our MD instructed we get our carpets cleaned because of an important visit. We used Wipe Away Clean because they were a local, professional and competitively priced carpet cleaning company who was recommended by another Torquay based company we know. We now use them on a yearly basis and very pleased with the cleaning results.

Letting Agency - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
We always require a quick turnaround for good oven and carpet cleaners. The beauty of Wipe Away Clean is they are not only professional and good at their job but they never let us down when we urgently need them. Besides, we don’t have to arrange two separate tradesmen with two invoices. Their spot cleaning is excellent; there isn’t much they can’t clean away anytime of the week.

Mr & Mrs Lomen - Carpet cleaning – Paignton
Our much loved lounge carpet was starting to show its age and smell. Wipe Away Clean managed to put some life back into it and restore some colour with a glorious fresh smell. Testament to the cleaning, the operative showed us the colour of the dirty water once finished, it was black.

Miss Polanski - Carpet cleaning – Babacoombe
After ringing around and searching on Google came across Wipe Away Clean. They weren’t one of the cheapest but their prompt reply, good reviews and ability to work at the weekends won them the job. My beige carpet had some bad tea stains which they managed to successfully remove. I couldn’t ask for a better cleaning job. Thank you very much guys!

Mrs Orion - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
I had a large coffee stain and tried to clean it myself but made the stain worse. I was desperate to remove it as it was very unsightly. I was recommended to use Wipe Away Clean by a friend who had his carpets cleaned and spoke very highly about them. To my astonishment they removed the stain and the carpet smells and looks like new. I am extremely happy and so relieved, will be more careful not have any more accidents spilling my drink.

Holiday houses - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
We required top quality professional carpet cleaning at an affordable price, Wipe Away Clean were the perfect solution to our needs. We simply cannot fault their professionalism and attention to detail especially specific spot cleaning which we now have an unblemished carpets. As a carpet cleaning business they are very good.

Miss Wright-Heath - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
Part of my tenant agreement was to have the carpets professionally cleaned. The letting agent recommended three local carpet cleaning companies. I chose Wipe Away Clean because they seem to know what they were talking about, more professional and just got a good vibe. There wasn’t much difference in price however glad I used them because the results were fantastic.

Pub - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
One of our loyal customers recommended using Wipe Away Clean as they did a really good job for them. That standard didn’t drop when they cleaned our soiled carpets. Very pleased, well done lads!

Miss Worth - Carpet cleaning – Brixham
Had an accident spilling a cup of tea on my new carpet, after relentlessly trying to scrub out the stain finally called in the professionals. Wipe Away Clean did what they said on the tin and removed the stain without a trace, simple as that.

Offices - Carpet cleaning – Torquay
Our business looks after a number of offices in Torquay and we use Wipe Away Clean for carpet cleaning. They’re professional, courteous and attention to detail is second to none.

Mr Bowyer - Oven & Carpet cleaning – Torquay
Our landlord requested our carpets and oven be professionally cleaned, after ringing around and looking at various websites Wipe Away Clean seemed the obvious choice. We were not disappointed; the thorough cleaning was second to none especially for my dirty oven. If anyone is considering having their carpets and ovens cleaned, you should use these guys for sure.

Holiday Apartments - Carpet cleaning – Paignton
Getting ready for the new season we required a clean and a freshen up for all our carpets. Wipe Away Clean did just that. Many thanks once again for a thorough professional cleaning job.

Mrs Cavan - Oven & Carpet cleaning – Torquay
Wipe away clean was exactly what I was looking for. Needed both my carpet cleaned and my oven cleaned, 2 jobs I’m sure everyone dreads! Wipe away clean provided us with a no obligation quote which was by far the best we found. The work was carried out in a very professional manner and now, nearly 2 months after the work has been done, the carpets and oven still look like new.

B&B - Oven & Carpet cleaning - Torquay
After a busy summer we required our dirty ovens and carpets to be thoroughly cleaned and we found Wipe Away Clean on the internet and read their testimonials. Very happy with the results and have recommended to our fellow B&B proprietors. We will certainly use them in 12 months' time.

Holiday Apartments - Carpet cleaning - Torquay
We found Wipe Away Clean online after we had been mucked around by our usual carpet cleaner. Cost effective and attention to detail they will now being cleaning all our apartments on a regular basis.

Guest House - Oven & Carpet cleaning - Torquay
We had a busy Christmas and our oven and carpets were in a real dirty mess.
We simply didn't have the time or resources to clean them so we called in the professionals and what a great job they did, money well spent and the cost was very reasonable.
Thank you so much Wipe Away Clean!

Mr & Mrs Taylor – Carpet Cleaning - Brixham
We own a holiday rental company and Wipe Away Clean all our 24 properties oven and carpet cleaning.
The professional service is second to none, a very high standard which I highly recommend.

Mr Golding – Carpet Cleaning - Paignton
I have just used Wipe Away Clean for the first time and wanted to say how impressed I was with the service, staff and results. My cooker looks like brand new. I will not be cleaning it myself in future. I also had my lounge carpet cleaned. I was on the verge of ripping up the carpet because it had so many stains that I couldn't get up. Since you cleaned it, it looks like new again. Your prices are very reasonable. I can't recommend you highly enough. Many thanks.

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