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Oven Cleaning Services In Newton Abbot

Wipe Away Clean is a family run (non franchise) Oven Cleaning business in Newton Abbot using fully trained professionals who will restore your oven to its former glory using non caustic, fume free, biodegradable cleaning chemicals.

Oven Cleaning Services in Newton Abbot

If possible, all removable parts of the oven are cleaned, from grills, racks, light glass, door glass and fans. Attention is made to clean every part of the oven, from the interior to hinges, screws and even the knobs and dials. Wipe Away Clean, clean all types of domestic ovens from ranges, aga’s, hobs, extractors, microwaves and even commercial ovens. Unlike other oven cleaning processes Wipe Away Clean do not use any caustic or dangerous chemicals, our chemicals are all low PH with no fumes or unpleasant odours safe for children and animals.

Newton Abbot Oven Cleaning Services

Our Oven Cleaning Process

To start with, our Newton Abbot Oven Cleaning technicians will strip down the oven (depending if any screws have not rusted or cannot be loosened and removed) by removing all the shelves, interior ‘self-cleaning panels’ and fan guard. These parts then go into a custom-made, van based heated system where the grease and burnt-on food carbon deposits are ‘removed’.

Our Wipe Away Clean technician returns to the oven where our specifically-developed, caustic free formula is carefully applied to the interior of the oven. Using our cleaning tools and some hard elbow work, all grease and burnt-on carbon is removed and the interior of the oven is completely de-greased and polished along with the parts you can’t normally get to (e.g. hinges, round the fan, between door and glass) The remaining parts in the system are then rinsed off and the oven is re-assembled like we were never there.

Using specifically designed Wipe Away Clean award winning de-greasing solution, the exterior of the oven and hob is thoroughly cleaned, polished and left sparkling and gleaming. Now your once dirty oven really does ‘look like new’ inside and out. We have many repeat customers so that surely speaks volumes about Wipe Away Clean and how good we really are as an oven cleaning company.

Oven Cleaning Services Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot Oven Cleaning Testimonials

Mrs Pollard - Oven cleaning – Bickington
Just to say a massive thank you to Wipe Away Clean for the way you cleaned my cooker for Christmas. I've had it cleaned before and no way did it match just how well you did the job. Just like a new oven!

B&B - Oven cleaning – Newton Abbot
We had previously used Wipe Away Clean on three occasions and felt compelled to say how good they are at cleaning my cooker. They even cleaned my extractor hood and replaced the paper filter, no hesitation in recommending them to anybody who needs their cooker cleaned.

Mr & Mrs Gladstone - Oven cleaning – Bishopsteignton
We used Wipe Away Clean because of a recommendation and they didn't disappoint. They are precise and methodical providing superb oven cleaning results. From a very happy customer.


Oven Cleaning in Newton Abbot Case Studies


Oven Cleaning FAQs

Why should I use Wipe Away Clean for my oven cleaning?
Wipe Away Clean uses a specially developed cleaning system which is completely exclusive to them. The new cleaning system and range of products make sure that our repeat customers benefit from a safe working environment and a fume-free home. The professionalism and quality from Wipe Away Clean, together with our clever cleaning system all contribute to the convenience offered to our loyal customers. We can provide an oven clean service that is completed to the very highest standards by a skilled technician in just a few hours. Wipe Away Clean customers are repeatedly astonished by the quality of the service that they receive. Our aim is to complete every job to the highest standard and to put a smile on our customer’s faces and to guarantee repeat custom for a long time.

My oven smokes every time, can you do anything about this?
The smoking should disappear after Wipe Away Clean have cleaned inside your oven. In a most of cases the smoking is caused by burnt on carbon, grease and fat, especially where an oven also has a built in grill. We clean the interior of the oven and also get carefully in between the grill element above where fat and grease can build up and cause smoking when the oven/grill in use.

How soon can the oven be used after cleaning?
The oven will checked by a Wipe Away Clean operative before departure to ensure everything is in good working order. We will check for no residue and moisture is left behind and also no fumes. You will be able to use your oven straight away after it has been cleaned.

How often will my oven need to be professionally cleaned?
How often your oven needs cleaning really depends on what you cook and how often you use the oven. Regular use of the oven usually requires a quarterly or bi-annual deep clean, to avoid the build-up of grease, fat and carbon deposits that could pose a serious potential electrical fire hazard. Customers who rarely use their oven, or use it primarily for ready meals, Wipe Away Clean usually recommend an annual 'spring clean' to revive the working components of your oven. Once you have it professionally cleaned by the Wipe Away Clean team you will want to use again and again.

Do your oven cleaning operators carry spares?
All Wipe Away Clean technicians carry spares; replacement lamps, universal seals and a range of different extraction filters. If you require additional spares, please let Wipe Away Clean know in advance and we can order the part for you or recommend a reputable supplier. We also have a close partnership with a specialised oven repair company if required.

What is a self-cleaning oven and how does it work?
Self-Cleaning ovens combine special interior pyrolytic coating using high temperature to burn off all the food spills and left overs in the oven chamber without the use of any chemical agents. However, self-cleaning panels can still get dirty if optimum temperature is not achieved and so still require careful non-abrasive cleaning.

Are all Wipe Away Clean specialists fully insured?
All Wipe Away Clean technicians are fully insured with a comprehensive £1,000,000 Public Liability Insurance if required.

What sort of oven cleaning training do Wipe Away Clean technicians receive?
Training is carried out in house and out in the working field. The Wipe Away Clean training course is very methodical and extensive, we believe it to be the finest and most comprehensive in the oven clean industry, from the technical side, to customer care and finally to the service. Therefore be assured that all work undertaken by Wipe Away Clean will be of the highest standard and performed by well trained and professional Wipe Away Clean operative.

Are you an oven cleaning franchise?
Wipe Away Clean are an independent family run non franchise cleaning business and a member of Dirtbusters; an approved award winning professional Oven cleaning training company. This has many benefits for our loyal customers.

Do you work evenings and weekends?
Wipe Away Clean always aim to provide the service our customers require and will arrange appointments to suit them, this may be on a Saturday, Sunday or in the evening at no extra cost. We work around your busy life style at your convenience.

Do you undertake commercial oven cleaning?
We have a number of commercial clients in restaurants, pubs, care homes, hotels, butchers, letting agencies in Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall.

Do you clean oven extractors?
Wipe Away Clean specialize in cleaning oven extractors using a exclusively developed degreasing cleaning chemicals.

I have just had a new kitchen and worried about the mess Wipe Away Clean will make when cleaning my oven?
We lay down protective sheets including a moisture cover and only use the area directly in front of the oven where the operative will work. We do not use your sink for cleaning or have the need to use your kitchen work top. Our process is eco-friendly, quick and efficient, the only signs of Wipe Away Clean having visited is your gleaming clean and fresh smelling oven, hob and extractor.

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