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Oven Cleaning In Exeter

Exeter Oven Cleaning Testimonials

Mr & Mrs Pena - Oven cleaning – Exeter
Once our house was sold we wanted to leave the oven in a reasonable condition so employed Wipe Away Clean to professionally clean our oven, hob and extractor filter. Very pleased with the cleaning results and they even gave us a free oven liner. Thank you.

Mrs Wilson - Oven cleaning – Topsham
My oven was recently cleaned by Wipe Away Clean for the third successive year as we received a reminder with a voucher discount. I just want to endorse this fabulous oven cleaning company for an amazing job they did. They even recommended an Engineer to mend our oven as it wasn’t working properly. But it really does now resemble a new oven with no mess left, so grateful. From the Wilsons.

Mrs Drune - Oven cleaning – Starcross
Just want to add my congratulations to Wipe Away Clean for an amazing oven clean they did for me recently. The oven interior, fascia with dials, hob and even the extractor degreased. They certainly know what they’re doing.

Mr Steichen - Oven cleaning – Exeter
We can now see our reflection from a transformed clean oven thanks to the wonderful Wipe Away Clean company.

Mrs Core - Oven cleaning – Exwick
My daughter recommended using Wipe Away Clean to clean my oven as they were very pleased with the cleaning results for their own oven. I now use them regularly every year.

Mr Paige - Oven cleaning – Stoke Canon Exeter
My Aga has never looked so clean thanks to Wipe Away Clean. I totally recommend this great oven cleaning company.

Mr & Mrs Shozer - Oven cleaning – Woodbury
Felt very guilty after neglecting our poor oven over the months. We have used a professional oven cleaning company before but Wipe Away Clean is head and shoulders above their competition. The attention to detail and the perfection to every part of the oven was noticeable. I have already booked an oven clean in 12 month’s time.

Mrs Thornley - Oven cleaning – Lympstone
A great job was done, very professional. Can highly recommend wipeawayclean.

Mrs Faraway - Oven cleaning – Exeter
My tenant contract required my oven was cleaned before I moved house. After seeing an advert we decided to use Wipe Away Clean because they had a discount offer and the price included a free hob clean. I was very pleased because my glass was filthy brown before and they managed to make it sparkling clean.

Mr & Mrs Linsdell - Oven cleaning – Heavitree Exeter
Our Range Master oven desperately needed a thorough clean and we were recommended by a friend to use Wipe Away Clean. The aluminium, racks, fan and glass came up like new. A fantastic courteous, professional cleaning company and will certainly use them again in 6 months' time.

Miss VanCaster - Oven cleaning – Exmouth
Never had my oven professionally cleaned before however after seeing the results from Wipe Away will certainly have it cleaned again. Their attention detail was very noticeable especially around the dials, all the aluminium looks like new. Thank you so much!

Mrs Chang - Oven cleaning – Exeter
Having seen a local advert and special offer we decided to use the services of Wipe Away Clean. I simply haven’t got time to clean my oven and so glad there was a service to do such a task. They even replaced my bulb free of charge and the final results was staggering.

Mrs Curtland - Oven cleaning – Bradninch
Our Range cooker desperately needed a clean after Christmas and so we called in the professionals. It now looks like a new oven, Wipe Away Clean did an absolutely superb cleaning job. I will certainly be using them again in 6 months' time.

Mrs Curtland - Oven & Carpet cleaning – Exmouth
When our NEF oven started to smoke we realised that it may need cleaning. We contacted the professionals who did an amazing cleaning job and now we have no smoke and a clean oven. Afterwards they cleaned our rug which also came up a treat. Thank you so much Wipe Away Clean, Devon’s finest oven and carpets cleaners.

Miss Sandwood - Oven cleaning – Exminster
Booked an oven clean online, no hassle and a prompt reply with an early convenient appointment on a Saturday as I work in the week. My oven desperately needed a clean as it was started to smoke when in use. After Wipe Away Clean finished the smoke stopped. I'm afraid to now use my oven for fear of getting it dirty.

Pub - Oven cleaning – Exeter
Our commercial Ovens are in daily use and a bit of a mess. The carbon had fossilised its way into the steel and I wasn’t optimistic the Oven could be cleaned. Their non-caustic chemicals did the trick and very happy with the results.
Have instructed our chef to keep it that way. Well done Wipe Away Clean you done a great job.

Mrs Keane - Oven cleaning – Exeter
I was recommended by a friend to try Wipe Away Clean, gulp! I am astonished how clean my oven now looks and have now told all my friends. I was attracted to using them because they seem more professional and had great reviews compared alternative companies who seem to be an amateur one man band.

Miss Blanding - Oven cleaning – Exeter
Leading such a busy life cleaning my oven is simply not on my list of priorities. Never cleaned my oven professionally before so I was open minded with expectations. I was simply flabbergasted how well they cleaned my Aga. For what they charged it was well worth the money and will use Wipe Away Clean in six months’ time.

Mrs Griffiths - Oven cleaning – Woodbury
I am absolutely delighted how my oven, hob and extractor have been cleaned. The end result is like ‘Showroom’ condition again. I will definitely be using Wipe Away Clean again in the future and will be recommending them to all my friends and family.

Mrs Arscott - Oven cleaning – Exeter
Cannot recommend Wipe Away Clean team more highly. They were very prompt and professional and the results are almost too good to be true. My oven hasn't sparkled that much....ever! I will be using them again, without fail. I highly recommend the service.
Thanks so much for your help - I promise to never let it get that bad again :)

Miss Mallet - Oven cleaning – St Leonards Exeter
‘Wow’ was the first word I used when I saw what Wipe Away Clean had done to my once filthy neglected Range Oven. I was speechless, great job and thoroughly pleased with the results.

Mr & Mrs Bollascelli - Oven cleaning – Exminster
Thank you Wipe Away Clean so much! Absolutely stunning, a marvellous professional cleaning job if I have ever seen one, most congenial and you have left a highly delighted and satisfied customer.

Mrs Halifaxon - Oven cleaning – Exeter
A remarkable oven clean by the Wipe Away Clean team. My wife and myself are absolutely delighted how clean our oven now looks, they even repaired the broken oven bulb free of charge.

Miss Steenson - Oven & Carpet cleaning - Exeter
Wipe Away Clean provided a one stop shop service for my needs. The results were simply amazing, carpets smelt so clean and my oven blemish free, I could actually see through my oven glass door. I was also reassured that their cleaning chemicals are child and pet friendly. I have previously used various Oven and Carpet cleaning companies but Wipe Away Clean are certainly the best in cost and service provided by miles.

Mrs Dawn - Oven cleaning – Exeter
Great value and great cleaning, can recommend Wipe Away Clean to anyone requiring their oven cleaning.

Letting Agent - Oven cleaning – Exeter
Our usual cleaner let us down and we needed someone else urgently. Thankfully Wipe Away Clean came to our rescue. So impressed that we now use them all the time, professional, efficient and cost effective.

Mrs Chin - Oven Cleaning – Tedburn
My disability limits my accessibility, I was recommended to try Wipe Away Clean. They were really amazing and the cleaning results were truly spectacular. I have no hesitation in recommending this professional Oven cleaning company.

Pub - Oven cleaning – Clyst Honiton
Our ovens are in daily use and in a real dirty mess. Wipe Away Clean and basically transformed them into new ovens, their professionalism was second to none, a great Oven cleaning company.

Butchers – Oven cleaning – Exeter, Newton Abbot & Torquay
All our ovens in our shops are cleaned by Wipe Away Clean as they are all in constant daily use. The standard of cleaning is second to none and helps keep our electrical maintenance bill low by reducing carbon deposits on the elements and bulbs.
A very good company which we highly recommended.

Mr & Mrs Blackmore - Oven Cleaning - Exminster
Their tag line is true Wipe Away Clean really do love the jobs you hate. So impressed how clean my oven now looks using their safe odour free chemicals, quite remarkable the cleaning results. They even removed the glass door and fan which a previous oven cleaning company didn't do. I will certainly be using their services in 12 months’ time.

Mr Broscelli – Oven Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning - Exeter
I have used other different cleaning companies before but found Wipe Away Clean does both Oven and Carpet cleaning, so no taking two days off work. I was so impressed how clean and safe their cleaning products were. Without any hesitation would recommend this professional oven and carpet cleaning company to any domestic or commercial premises.

Miss Black – Oven Cleaning - Exeter
"It looked like a brand new oven! I was absolutely delighted with the results - it was well worth the money. I would not hesitate to recommend Wipe Away Clean."

Mrs Ellis - Oven Cleaning - Topsham
We needed our oven, hob and extractor cleaned urgently, as we are renting out our flat. Wipe Away Clean came the same day and did a fantastic job, very happy with the service provided by Wipe Away Clean.

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