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Oven Cleaning In Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot Oven Cleaning Testimonials


Miller - Oven cleaning (Range) – Newton Abbot
Absolutely fantastic he was honest and said it wouldn’t be perfect as my cooker had not been cleaned for 20 years and it exceeded my expectations would recommend him to anyone (Apr 18).

Mr & Mrs Dyer - Oven cleaning – Bishopsteignton
After a few years of neglect we decided to professionally clean our oven as we simply didn’t have the time or energy to remove the grime and dirt. What interested us was their use of non-caustic chemicals used by Wipe Away Clean as we had a septic tank. The astonishing high level of cleaning was very noticeable, the glass door left sparkling clean and can now see through it, a fantastic oven clean we could never hope to achieve.

Miss Cooper - Oven cleaning – Chudleigh
Our end of tenancy required a professional oven clean and the agent recommended Wipe Away Clean. They did exactly what it says on the tin and also replaced the extractor hood paper filter, a faultless oven clean and a PDF receipt sent as evidence. Advice to anybody in a similar situation, avoid doing it yourself with all the messy hassle involved and use the professionals, helping make sure you get back your deposit.

Mrs Pollard - Oven cleaning – Bickington
Just to say a massive thank you to Wipe Away Clean for the way you cleaned my cooker for Christmas. I've had it cleaned before and no way did it match just how well you did the job. Just like a new oven!

B&B - Oven cleaning – Newton Abbot
We had previously used Wipe Away Clean on three occasions and felt compelled to say how good they are at cleaning my cooker. They even cleaned my extractor hood and replaced the paper filter, no hesitation in recommending them to anybody who needs their cooker cleaned.

Mr & Mrs Gladstone - Oven cleaning – Bishopsteignton
We used Wipe Away Clean because of a recommendation and they didn't disappoint. They are precise and methodical providing superb oven cleaning results. From a very happy customer.

Mr & Mrs Farrell - Oven cleaning – Ipplepen
Had my oven professionally cleaned before but I truly regret wasting my money because the oven cleaning was second rate. I therefore tried Wipe Away Clean and certainly got my money’s worth. Think the saying about paying peanuts and getting monkeys is very true. A very professional oven clean job, I even brought my friends round to take a look. Extremely happy to endorse Wipe Away Clean and in fact they are very competitively in price and will certainly use them again to clean my oven.

Mrs Gadd - Oven cleaning – Ashburton
Our single Bosh oven and extractor was cleaned today and wanted to comment how good a job Mike did. The oven is now sparkling clean and the extractor degreased with a new filter. Thank you very much Wipe Away Clean.

Mrs Wells - Oven cleaning – Newton Abbot
After much use over Christmas our NEF single oven required a good clean. It showed heavy fat deposits and very greasy. After Wipe Away Clean had finished it was sparkling clean and smooth, like a new oven. All the aluminium interior racks were sparkling, truly amazing and the smoke has now stopped. Had great pleasure showing off my work on Facebook to all my friends and family. Already booked for next year!

Mrs Reynolds - Oven cleaning – Denbury
Thank you very much Wipe Away Clean for cleaning our oven today very pleased with your work!!! Don't want to use it now it's too clean.

Mr & Mrs Pioneer – Oven & Carpet cleaning – Dawlish
We decided to use Wipe Away as they seemed professional and their website was clear and informative unlike other oven cleaners. From a filthy Aga oven appeared a glorious sparkling clean one. We were so pleased got them to clean our dining room carpet and another fantastic cleaning job. Great work from this wonderful oven and carpet cleaning company.

Mr & Mrs Seymour - Oven cleaning – Kingsteignton
Wipe Away Clean were superb. The oven looked almost new when Mike from Wipe Away Clean had finished his cleaning processes. We certainly won't wait as long to get the oven cleaned cleaned in future - absolute 1st Class Service and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them.

Miss Monet - Oven cleaning – Newton Abbot
Originally we had our carpets cleaned by Wipe Away Clean and they did such a wonderful job we got them round to clean our single NEF oven after excessive use over the Christmas period. The oven was starting to smoke so we thought it needed cleaning. We were told the carbon deposits and fat on the grill was causing the smoke, once cleaned this stopped, problem solved thanks to this great company.

Care Home – Commercial Oven cleaning – Kingskerswell
Our ovens are in daily use and we had neglected our cleaning duties over time as they started to produce smoke. Wipe Away Clean solved that problem, professional, competent and highly efficient which we highly recommend.

Mr Finch - Oven & Carpet cleaning – Kingsteignton
I have great pleasure endorsing Wipe Away Clean who recently cleaned my filthy Aga oven and our lounge carpet. The transition was simply remarkable, so clean I am reluctant to use my oven and walk in my lounge especially wearing any shoes.

Miss Hodge - Oven cleaning – Teignmouth
I needed my oven cleaning before Christmas and so looked on the internet. First page on Google I came across Wipe Away Clean. Their website was informative, clear and concise compared to others. They cleaned my oven over the weekend which I preferred, perfect with great results.

Mrs Rusden - Oven cleaning – Kingsteignton
Just moved into my new house but the previous owners had left the Range oven in a complete mess. I called in the professionals and Wipe Away Clean made it look like new. They applied a special polish which made the metal gleaming and sparkling. I contacted two other oven clean businesses in Newton Abbot and Torquay who were not very prompt in replying. They were slightly cheaper but lacked that professional feel about them. Wipe Away Clean had a price match promise so they matched the price accordingly. Anybody thinking of having their oven cleaned should look no further than this local oven cleaning company called Wipe Away Clean, their service is exceptional.

Mrs Zammit - Oven cleaning – Newton Abbot
Having seen their advertisement decided to take up their great offer. Great value for money and the Wipe Away Clean man was so polite and friendly. My oven looks very nice and reluctant to now use the oven for cooking.

Mr & Mrs Musker - Oven cleaning – Newton Abbot
Absolutely amazed how clean my Range oven now looks after Wipe Away Clean came round. We simply don’t have time to clean the oven and besides unable to remove some stubborn dirt marks. We can now see our own reflection, a great job from a great company.

Miss Brook - Oven cleaning – Heathfield, Newton Abbot
I was asked to write a testimonial and have the pleasure of endorsing this wonderful oven cleaning company in Newton Abbot. My once black, carbon covered grills and racks are now like shiny new ones. From a very happy lady.

Mr & Mrs Roberts - Oven cleaning – Teigngrace, Newton Abbot
I have great pleasure in recommending Wipe Away Clean as a local oven cleaning business. My Aga now looks like new. Great work and well done.

Miss Nicklin - Oven cleaning – Kingsteignton
Wipe Away Clean managed to work the same day as I booked them. I was embarrassed by my dirty oven and the carbon deposits showed afterwards by the operative confirmed that. I am now a very proud owner of a gleaming clean oven, have no hesitation in inviting my friends and family over for dinner parties. Wipe Away Clean are a remarkable oven cleaning business.

Mrs Prowse - Oven cleaning – Bishopsteignton
I happen to see a Wipe Away Clean van in my road and it was just what I have been looking for. I’m not as agile now and unable to do many chores because of my recent hip replacement. They were so kind and helpful and even cleaned my hob for free. My oven is now sparkling clean, I am so happy. Would like to recommend Wipe Away Clean to anybody requiring their oven cleaned.

Mrs Warmley - Oven cleaning – Holcombe
Wipe Away Clean made my oven look brand new! I am so pleased. No mess and a lot cheaper than buying a new oven.

Mrs Banaszynski - Oven cleaning – Ideford
My Range cooker needed a desperate clean and with my busy work and social commitments simply didn’t have time to clean it. Wipe Away Clean did an amazing job, I am so pleased have told all my Polish friends who will be contacting this professional oven cleaning company very soon, thank you ’dziekuje’

Mrs Goss - Oven cleaning – Newton Abbot
I received a promotional leaflet offer which I took up as been contemplating cleaning my dirty oven for a long period of time. They cleaned my oven, it was incredible, the grills are sparkling new and even replaced my broken oven bulb for free, very pleased.

Mrs Fay - Oven Cleaning - Kingsteignton
We were recommended using Wipe Away Clean and they were doing a special price which we took up. I was amazed how clean and sparkling my oven now is. In fact, hesitant to use my oven now just in case it gets dirty again. Their professional and helpfulness was a true testament to their company.

Retirement Home - Oven Cleaning - Kingskerswell
I dreaded having to clean our ovens and so for the first time used the professionals and I was certainly not disappointed with the stunning results achieved by Wipe Away Clean. The grills we were black with carbon deposits and would normally take me all day to clean and even then not successfully. They did it in no time and made them sparkle like new, absolutely stunning!

Mrs Donald - Oven Cleaning - Bovey Tracey
My Aga needed a desperate clean but my disability meant I was unable to clean. The Wipe Away Clean man was so helpful and friendly, he done an amazing cleaning job, his attention to detail was fantastic.

J. Casling – Oven Cleaning - Newton Abbot
Wow! My oven is so clean I am going to leave the door open for everyone to see!! You did a fantastic job today Wipe Away Clean and I will be passing your details to one and all. Many thanks and will see you again soon.

Mrs Harding - Oven Cleaning - Bishopsteignton
Wipe Away Clean did a brilliant job of cleaning my oven, it looks like new! they were punctual, courteous, got on with the job and left the place clean and tidy. I have no hesitation in recommending their oven cleaning service to all my friends and will definitely be using him again in 6 months’ time.

Mr Hanley - Oven & Carpet Cleaning - Kingsteignton
I have just used Wipe Away Clean for the first time and wanted to say how impressed I was with the service, staff and results. My cooker looks like brand new. I will not be cleaning it myself in future. I also had my lounge carpet cleaned. I was on the verge of ripping up the carpet because it had so many stains that I couldn't get up. Since you cleaned it, it looks like new again. Your prices are very reasonable. I can't recommend you highly enough. Many thanks.

Mrs Hippsley - Oven & Carpet cleaning - Kingsteignton
I needed to get my oven and carpets cleaned due to moving, was searching for someone who did both as work full time, and came across Wipe Away Cleaning company, and I must say fantastic results carpets came up like new and cooker was gleaming , made the whole experience easy and also great value for money, will be recommending this company to all of my friends.

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