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Oven Cleaning In Torquay

Torquay Oven Cleaning Testimonials


Mr & Mrs Zuba - Oven cleaning – Totnes
We have our oven regularly cleaned for Christmas but our usual oven cleaner retired so we tried someone new. After some careful research we chose a local firm called Wipe Away Clean.
Their price was competitive and the oven cleaning to a very high standard better than our previous oven cleaner.

Mrs Garrett - Oven cleaning – Brixham
My disability restricts household chores including cleaning the oven. I was recommended by a friend to try Wipe Away Clean. He was marvellous, very helpful and polite, managed to remove the door and glass which was way beyond my skills. I now have an oven that looks new and he even replaced my oven interior light bulb. A professional oven cleaning job well done.

Mr & Mrs Summers - Oven cleaning – Torquay
My husband treated me to an oven clean for my birthday and it was one of the best presents I have ever had. The oven is now so clean and shiny, I haven't stopped smiling.

Mr & Mrs Dawn - Oven cleaning – Paignton
Due to poor health I struggled to bend down to clean my oven so called in the professionals. Thank you so much Wipe Away Clean, now a proud owner of what looks like a new oven and the aluminium racks are simply amazingly sparkling clean.

Letting Agent - Oven cleaning – Kingswear
One of our tenants spoke very highly about their oven being cleaned by Wipe Away Clean. We have now used them for other tenants. The workmanship and attention to detail is of high standard which reflects well on our letting business so it is honourable endorsing this great oven cleaning company.

Mrs Jenkins - Oven cleaning – Totnes
Spent some time researching online about having my Stoves double oven cleaned. After some informative emails from Wipe Away I booked an oven clean appointment which was over the weekend. The cleaning results were fantastic, a great oven clean.

Mr & Mrs Corderoy - Oven cleaning – Galmpton nr Torquay
Felt very guilty after neglecting our poor oven over the months. It was very greasy and had stubborn stains which we unable to remove. Our extractor filter also needed replacing as it was black with grime and grease. Wipe Away Clean made my oven like new and replaced the extractor oven filter. I have already booked an oven clean in six months’ time.

Mr Garmin - Oven cleaning – Preston Torquay
My partner saw an advert in the Torbay Leaf offering a 10% discount so we thought we would take up the offer. Never had our oven professionally cleaned before and will certainly have it cleaned again using the Wipe Away Clean team. I particularly like our oven fascia now which was very dirty and greasy but not anymore.

Mrs Zhou - Oven cleaning – Totnes
Having such a busy life looking after my disabled son restricted my many chaws including cleaning the oven. A good friend of mine recommended using Wipe Away Clean as they were very precise and methodical even using a toothbrush to clean in between the dials. Their attention to detail was very noticeable and cleaning results very impressive.

Mrs Fryer - Oven cleaning – Torquay
Our oven was cleaned today by Wipe Away Clean. We cannot recommend Mike & his team highly enough. I had never contemplated getting my oven cleaned previously but as a busy working Mum & with my son’s birthday party coming up (and me having to bake a cake) I wanted a lovely clean oven. What appealed to me most about Wipe Away Clean was that they don't use harsh chemicals; and being heavily pregnant & with a young son, that was extremely important to me. Because Mike & his team use a biodegradable cleaning technique I must admit I was a little sceptical about the oven being completely transformed (it was absolutely filthy) but I was completely bowled over at how gleaming it turned out! Good as new and sparkling! A friendly, professional & outstanding service! Highly recommended! Thank you Wipe Away Clean.

Mr & Mrs Coast - Oven cleaning – Brixham
After much research online and speaking to friends and family we discovered some negative reports for rival oven cleaners for Torbay. What we discovered that the cheapest is not always the best and Wipe Away Clean certainly proved this point. If you need a truly professional cleaned oven don’t go to Primark go to Harrods with a much cheaper price tag. I cannot recommend Wipe Away Clean enough, their attention to detail and meticulous cleaning is very impressive with excellent value for money.

Mrs Lincoln - Oven cleaning – Torquay
We saw a local advert and took up their offer after heavy use over the Christmas holidays. I am very pleased with the results. Will certainly be using them again as they work on a Saturday as we both work in the week. We also like the fact that they used non caustic chemicals has we have tried Mr Muscle but made me unwell and light headed.

Pub - Oven cleaning – Paignton
Our pub had a really busy summer season and our chef simply couldn’t keep up with cleaning the Oven. We called in the professionals and within a short time they came round and restored our oven to its former glory, a great cleaning job by Wipe Away Clean.

Holiday Flats - Oven cleaning – Torquay
After a very busy summer season we required a top to bottom clean for all our 9 holiday flats. Each one contained a double oven with hob and extractor that had to be cleaned. All interior racks and grills were meticulously cleaned and Wipe Away Clean also kindly replaced all the extractor filters. A truly professional oven cleaning company for Torbay.

Mr & Mrs Trench - Oven & Carpet cleaning – Paignton
Our Range cooker hadn’t been cleaned for over 4 years and was starting to smoke, our expectations wasn’t high that it could be cleaned ready for Christmas. However after the chap from Wipe Away Clean had finished it did indeed look like new. We also required our bedrooms carpet cleaned which now smell amazingly clean. I have no problem recommending this fabulous Oven & Carpet cleaning company.

Miss Fools - Oven cleaning – Torquay
Our next door neighbour’s daughter recommended we use Wipe Away Clean as they did a brilliant cleaning job on their Zanussi double oven with hob and extractor. We were not disappointed, absolutely amazing sparkling cleaning results to our oven. The operative even managed to remove the glass and fan and both came up like new once cleaned. They managed to carefully clean behind the dials and knobs so now we have a Torquay showroom oven.

Miss Lockmore - Oven cleaning – Torquay
Saw an advert in the Torbay Leaf and decided to use Wipe Away Clean services for my dirty oven.
My expectations were not high so when I saw their cleaning results it blew my mind, the metal side bars were once black now shiny metal, like new. Please, anyone considering having their oven professionally cleaned then you need to use Wipe Away Clean, amazing results.

Mr Sandy - Oven cleaning – Paignton
I do not usually write testimonials but felt compelled to say what a good job Wipe Away Clean did cleaning my Range oven. It really does look like a new oven, how they did it is beyond me. An excellent job by an excellent oven cleaning company.

Mrs Parr - Oven cleaning – Paignton
With a busy life and a hungry family, my oven was really dirty with no time to clean it myself. I saw a promotion for Wipe Away Clean so decided to let the Professionals deal with it. I was not expecting the results I got! My oven is now like brand new and sparkling so bright. A great professional, value for money and friendly service and I shall definitely be using Wipe Away Clean again and highly recommend them to everyone.

Mr Ralrey - Oven cleaning – Torquay
First time I have had my oven professionally cleaned since my wife died. They did an amazing job and will be using their services next year for sure. They even cleaned my oven trays free of charge. Cheers guys.

Mrs Bornerly - Oven cleaning – Brixham
Due to my disability I have neglected my oven cleaning duties so needed help. I saw an advert for Wipe Away Clean, they were so helpful and cleaned my oven like new. The grills, glass and oven sparkles like new, very impressed with their professional and affordable service.

Hotel - Oven cleaning – Torquay
Preparing for the new season and after Googling on the web came across Wipe Away Clean for Oven cleaning. I read some of the reviews so had high expectations but they rose to the challenge. I will certainly use them again and to show my appreciation gave them a large tip which is unusual for me. Wipe Away Clean are simply brilliant better than any of their rivals and they even replaced a bulb free of charge.

Mr & Mrs Steinrod - Oven cleaning – Torquay
Wipe Away Clean have a passion for cleaning ovens. They’re very professional and strips the oven down quickly, removing the door, glass and even the fan so they can get to work on bringing my oven as close to new as possible. Highly recommended. Will always have them back to clean my oven.

Mr bolder - Oven & Carpet cleaning – Preston, Torquay
Our landlord requested our carpets and oven be professionally cleaned, after ringing around and looking at various websites Wipe Away Clean seemed the obvious choice. We were not disappointed; the thorough cleaning was second to none especially for my dirty oven. If anyone is considering having their carpets and ovens cleaned, you should use these guys for sure.

Mrs Cavan - Oven & Carpet cleaning – Torquay
Wipe away clean was exactly what I was looking for. Needed both my carpet cleaned and my oven cleaned, 2 jobs I’m sure everyone dreads! Wipe away clean provided us with a no obligation quote which was by far the best we found. The work was carried out in a very professional manner and now, nearly 2 months after the work has been done, the carpets and oven still look like new.

Mrs Chapter – Oven Cleaning - Torquay
I’m so pleased I’ve discovered Wipe Away Clean, I will never have to clean my own oven again. Wipe Away Clean now clean my oven every six months, they do a great job and I would thoroughly recommend them!

Mrs Webster - Oven cleaning – Paignton
My dirty oven is now a like a showroom oven, very pleased. Wipe Away Clean even changed my extractor for free. They took off the door and back plate, cleaning done via an installed gas heated tank from their van. Very efficient and professional.

Miss Cruise - Oven cleaning – Torquay
Simply astonished how clean my Oven now looks after Wipe Away Clean tackled my embarrassingly dirty oven. I was particularly interested with their safe non caustic cleaning chemicals as I have small children. Anyone considering having their oven cleaning please use Wipe Away Clean, they are awesome.

Mrs Shane - Oven cleaning - Paignton
I heard from a friend about Wipe Away Clean and gave them a try, very impressed, professional, friendly and their standard of cleaning very high. I will now be recommending these guys to my friends and using them again in six months times, a great oven cleaning business.

Letting Agency - Oven Cleaning - Torquay
Our client needed the house cleaned urgently for new tenants and Wipe Away Clean were brilliant. The house had no electric but that did not hinder them as they used gas to heat the water in the cleaning tank. The results were amazing and we will be definitely using them again for all our tenants.

Guest House - Oven & Carpet cleaning - Torquay
We had a busy Christmas and our oven and carpets were in a real dirty mess.
We simply didn't have the time or resources to clean them so we called in the professionals and what a great job they did, money well spent and the cost was very reasonable.
Thank you so much Wipe Away Clean!

Butchers – Oven cleaning – Torquay
All our 26 ovens in our shops are cleaned by Wipe Away Clean as they are all in constant daily use. The standard of cleaning is second to none and helps keep our electrical maintenance bill low by reducing carbon deposits on the elements and bulbs.
A very good company which we highly recommended.

B&B - Oven & Carpet cleaning - Torquay
After a busy summer we required our dirty ovens and carpets to be thoroughly cleaned and we found Wipe Away Clean on the internet and read their testimonials. Very happy with the results and have recommended to our fellow B&B proprietors. We will certainly use them in 12 months' time.

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